Choosing Wisely - The Best Credit Cards Deals This YearNow that the economy is turning around, you are seeing one credit cards deals after another. Depending upon how you plan to use a card, you can find deals with cash back, reward points, and zero percent introductory rates on purchases and credit card balance transfers. Of course, not all of these deals may be available to everyone. Most will depend upon an individual having, at least, a decent credit score, so if yours needs a little work, you might want to improve your score before you start searching for a great deal on a credit card.

When you are ready to begin looking for a credit card deal, here are some of the best we’ve found.

Cash Rewards Credit Card from BankAmericard

This card is our top pick in the cash back credit cards. It has no annual fee and provides $100 in bonus cash after you spend your first $500 within the first 90 days after you open the account. It also pays one percent on all purchases, two percent on grocery store purchases, and three percent on gas. This reward does max out at $1,500 each quarter. The card also offers a one year, zero percent introductory rate for purchases and for credit card balance transfers made within the first 60 days. After the introductory period, the interest rate varies from 12.99 to 22.99 percent.

BankAmericard Credit Card

This is our top pick in the balance transfer cards. There is a zero percent introductory rate for 18 months for all balance transfers done within the first 60 days. Following the introductory period, if the balance is not paid off, an interest rate of between 10.99 and 20.99 will apply. There is a balance transfer fee of three percent. The card has no annual fee.

The Venture Rewards Credit Card from Capital One

This is the best card in the travel and airline rewards category. When you sign up and spend $3,000 within the first three months, you get a one-time bonus of 40,000 miles. You earn two times the dollars for every purchase, with no limit. You can fly any airline and stay in any lodging at any time and earn points. You can travel at any time; there are no blackout dates. The miles will not expire and you can earn an unlimited amount. There are also no foreign transaction fees. The is no annual fee for the first year. After that, it is $59 per year.

Sapphire Preferred Card From Chase

This is the top card for rewards. When you spend $4,000 on purchases within the first three months, you earn 50,000 bonus points which may be redeemed for travel or other gifts. You will earn two times the dollar on dining and travel, and one point per dollar on all other purchases. If you add an authorized user and make one purchase within the first three months, you earn another 50,000 bonus points. There are no foreign transaction fees.

These are the top credit cards deals we found. Each provides significant benefits. Which is right for you will depend upon your personal credit card use.