a3Calories, one single matter that can give much impact to your body’s health. In many cases, calories are what you would probably take the most care while you are losing or gaining weight. Calories are what might be able to control the results of your body goals.

Those points are probably all you know about calories. Not many people do care about finding the tight definition and functions of the nutrient itself. Yet, more or less, what you know is close to the truth. Calories are contained in your food and beverages, but with different amount from one another. Some might be served in high amount while other contain much less.

Calories are much mentioned in diet programs’ explanation, and among those programs, low fat yogurt is one frequently mentioned menu to support the motivation. While low fat yogurt is highly suggested to be consumed by you who want to lose weight, you might get curious about how many calories it contains. Before being informed about the amount of calories, it is better to know about the calories itself first.

What in Your Mind About Calories?

Calorie is simply understood as an energy. If you have ever heard about a theory on energy which explains that energy cannot be destroyed but transformed into other types of energy, you might be able to understand the way calorie is inserted into our body’s cells and make us energized.

Calorie is contained in the food and beverages that we consume every day. Consequently, the calorie is transformed or burned through certain chemical process in to energy. This results on our ability to walk, run, sleep, and do other activities.

However, not all those calories absorbed by our body is burned. Some of them are possibly stored as the result of not getting burned, and sadly these stored calories are changed in to fat. Therefore, this condition leads to the way our body can gain or lose weight. In simple words, the body can gain weight when the amount of calories you consume is higher than the amount which gets burned, and vice versa for losing weight.

How Many You Consume Calories From Low Fat Yogurt ?

After knowing that even a gram of calorie can give such impact to your diet programs, you can now continue to read more about one special food to help you lose or even gain weight.

Low fat yogurt is frequently combined with fruit to make it more tasteful. In fact, there are quite lot of people like this type of yogurt because of the taste and also the advantages that it can give to our body.

A cup of fruit low fat yogurt (8.6 oz.) contains around 250 calories, while the fat contributes as much as 24 in one serving. This amount of calories can be burned through several options of exercises. It takes either 65-minute walking, 29-minute jogging, 21-minute swimming, or 34-minute cycling.

Besides the calories, there are other nutrients such as sodium, carbs, protein, calcium, and potassium that you can gain advantages from.