10 of the Best Ways to Lose Weight by Exercising

So you want to lose some weight by exercising? Awesome! You're ready headed for success because you know that if you want to get results then you're going to have to put some effort into it. Best part though...it doesn't have to be hard, excruiciating work. With just a few of these simple exercises you'll be well on the way to reaching your goal.

I've compiled a list below of what I think are the best exercises to lose weight without relying on an expensive gym. Most of these can be completed without specialist equipment and with a bit of creativity you can just use what you've got around the home.

1. Walking

I know it sounds boring and you've been down this path before but walking is one of the most accessible exercises you can do to get the results you're after. It's low impact, social, refreshing, and cheap.

Don't just stroll around the streets though, you really have to push yourself. Get a stop watch and set little goals so you're getting faster each time. Walk the same time everyday and make it a part of your daily routine. A walk to the shops is the best way to go.

2. Squats

This is an exercise that even a lot of gym junkies try to avoid but it doesn't have to be a torture test if done correctly and patiently. Muscle burns fat the fastest and the biggest muscle are in your legs - it makes sense to make use of this, doesn't it?

Don't worry about using dumbells or barbells when just starting out as your own body weight will give you all the resistance you need. Focus on getting your form spot-on so back straight and go down like sitting on a chair. Try and do 3 sets of 8 reps.

3. Social Sport

Getting the discipline to spend 30 minutes each day to exercise can be tough when doing it by yourself. A social or team sport can help with both the motivation and also making it enjoyable. You'll find that you get so carried away that you'll forget you're actually exercising. This is going to help increase your cardio to make your body stronger while still losing weight.

Another benefit of playing a sport rather than set exercises is that it'll keep your body guessing. You'll use muscles that you never use existed and generally feel better all over.